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Precht, Richard David

(Philosopher, Author, TV Host and Honorary Professor)

Richard David Precht, born in 1964, is a philosopher, publicist and author, and one of the most distinguished intellectuals in the German-speaking world. He is a honorary professor of philosophy at Leuphana University Lüneburg and a honorary professor of philosophy and aesthetics at the Hanns Eisler Academy of Music in Berlin. His books such as “Wer bin ich – und wenn ja, wie viele?”, “Liebe – ein unordentliches Gefühl” and “Die Kunst, kein Egoist zu sein” are international bestsellers and have been translated into a total of more than 40 languages. Recent publications include “Von der Pflicht. Eine Betrachtung”. In his latest book, “Freiheit für alle. Das Ende der Arbeit wie wir sie kannten”, he shows how the transformation of the world of work is changing our lives, our culture, our idea of education, and ultimately the whole of society – and what enormous tasks lie ahead for politics, especially the restructuring of our social system toward an unconditional basic income. Since 2012, he has hosted the philosophy program “Precht” on ZDF.