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Thilo, Andrea


Since 1998 Andrea Thilo has been active as a freelance journalist and documentary film producer and moderates conferences, podiums, world cafés and open space formats nationally and internationally, in European languages. In 1999 Andrea Thilo and her partners Thomas Grube and Uwe Dierks founded the film production company BOOMTOWNMEDIA GmbH&CoKG in Berlin. In 2005 Thilo, Grube & Dierks received the German Film Award as producers of the international cinema success RHYTHM IS IT!

After eleven years as a partner and producer at BOOMTOWNMEDIA, Andrea Thilo, mother of two young daughters, will start her own business in 2011 in the areas of moderation, conference conception and training, with a focus on culture, diversity and education, digital transformation, civil society and sustainability.